Communication and Public Relations

Public Relations are one of the fastest growing domains in the contemporary society based on communication. The Communication and Public Relations Undergraduate Study Program offers students the opportunity to understand the process of human communication and the interdisciplinary nature of communication, to acquire a high level of competency and expertise in interpersonal, inter-groups and organizational communication.
Undergoing this program, the students will have the opportunity of knowing: how public image of institutions / organizations / parties / political organizations / governmental or non-governmental organizations is being created and managed; how conflicts can be mediated and negotiations reconciled; how the relations of an organization with the media can be handled within the press office; how written and audio-visual messages can be edited; how can media events be organized (press conferences, exhibitions, launches of goods and services etc).

The study of communication and public relations contribute to the formation of cognitive and professional competencies necessary exerting of professions such as:
● Mediator
● Human Resources manager
● Public opinion researcher
● Image counselor
● Spokesperson
● PR specialist
● Advertisement specialist.

To read about professional challenges in public relations, refer to Public Relations – Strategies and Tactics, by Dennis L. Wilcox, Glen T. Cameron, Phillip H. Ault, Warren K. Agee

Education Plan [download here]